Search Engine Position Orb 2.0

Search Engine Position Orb 2.0

Search Engine Position Orb - find your search engine listings easily
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NOW FREE! Search Engine Position Orb - find your search engine listings easily.
Search Engine Page Position Checker.
No need to trowelling through pages of search engine listing to try and find your own listings.
"Search Engine Position Orb" will make your job a breeze. You will have results in minutes.
With our Search Engine Position Orb software tool you will be able to locate and monitor your search engine listings in minutes. It?s easy, just type in your parameters and click. We built it with you in mind, it's not a complex software to use or difficult to configuring.
Our cutting edge technology is built for the regular people, no need to pay exorbitant fees to SEO firms to tell you where your listings are. You now can do it yourself with just a few clicks.
We focused on the 3 most important and largest search engines on the internet, Google, Yahoo and Live (MSN). 99% of your internet search engine traffic will come from these search engine sites.
Save keywords and parameters as project to reuse in the future. Great if you are comparing page position after changes.
With Search Engine Position Orb not only can you quickly analyse your own listings but also your competition?s. You are not limited to just domain analysis, you can also do text or phrase analysis.
Great tool for professionals who are required to report listings to their customers.
Very affordably priced and very easy to use. You will find which page you are listed on in minutes if not seconds.



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